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  • Life is all about the moments that you share with
    9 months ago by mariolunasomm Life is all about the moments that you share with your loved ones. This is Alfred Gratien Champagne, I first tasted this wine when I met my future wife. It was three years ago at the Wine Spectator Grand Tour Las Vegas. We looked at each other while savoring the moment and we thought, "This is perfect!" Well... I meant her. Please don't forget those moments!  #wine   #winetasting   #winelovers   #winery   #wino   #winestagram   #instawine   #winetime   #winegram   #rose   #sparkling   #bubbles   #winespectator   #show   #moment   #married   #shespregnant   #marriedlife   #wife   #husband   #drink   #toast   #cheers   #foodie   #chef 
  • Blanc de Noirs in Champagne uses red grapes like pinot
    9 months ago by mariolunasomm Blanc de Noirs in Champagne uses red grapes like pinot noir and pinot meunier (men-yay) in their blend. I prefer the blanc de noir style with its creamy mouth feel, flavors of tart and ripe pear, brioche, and subtle citrus. These flavors are not as acidic and mineral driven as the blanc de blanc, which are 100% Chardonnays. The best example of a Blanc de Noir was my favorite from the Wine Spectator Grand Tour in the Mirage Casino called Besserat. This wine was perfection and can be enjoyed for any occaision! You can find the wine here:  #wine 
  • Its Bubbles Week at MarioLunaSomm and I have 5 of
    9 months ago by mariolunasomm It's Bubbles Week at MarioLunaSomm and I have 5 of my favorites. Up first, this is Raventos De Nit Rose Conca. This is a blend of Macabeo, Xarel-lo, and Parellada varietals are blended together and then red wine is added in the finish made in the Cava region. That red wine softens the sharp acidity and added fruit and body weight. This is the perfect wine to go with every type of food. I hope you get the opportunity to try this special wine in spanish tapas restaurants or at!  #wine   #winetasting   #winelovers   #spain   #cava   #rose   #pink   #winestagram   #instawine 
  • Mothers Day is this weekend and its time to take
    9 months ago by mariolunasomm Mother's Day is this weekend and it's time to take her out to eat. Unfortunately, so will everyone else. To help you cope with the extremely long wait this Sunday, I created a food and wine pairing guide for my favorite neighborhood restaurant: The Cheesecake Factory! Check out my latest blog at for all of my selections, including a Merlot paired with the Steak Diane's medallions, mushrooms, and peppercorns.  #wine   #winery   #winetime   #winetasting   #winelovers   #winenot   #winestagram   #instawine   #cheesecake   #cheesecakefactory   #dinner   #lunch   #brunch   #mother   #mom   #mommy   #chef   #cook   #foodie   #redwine   #whitewine   #steak   #pasta   #italian   #spicy 
  • Of the 5 FirstGrowth Bordeauxs that are deemed The greatest
    10 months ago by mariolunasomm Of the 5 First-Growth Bordeauxs that are deemed "The greatest red wines of France", it's only right to finish this week's education with the oldest aged wine. This is the 1996 Chateau Lafite Rothschild, the driest and least fruit-forward of any of the 5 wines showcased this week. Only 35% of the grapes are qualified to be part of the Cabernet Sauvignon blend. Once bottled, this wine can aged for up to 50 years with its strong tannic structure. I need to decant the wine and let rest 2 hours after opening.  #wine   #winery   #winetime   #winegram   #winenot   #winestagram   #instawine   #winewriter 

Trust Your Sommelier: Shiraz Wine Dinner Pairing

So you order a bottle of Shiraz Wine (Syrah in Australia) at a steakhouse and are now looking at the food menu.  You can just order a classic steak like a New York strip with sautéed mushrooms, but you’re looking for a more exciting dining experience.  When you are set on your wine choice but willing to go a little further afield with your food, consider letting your sommelier create a beautifully paired dinner that honors the things you already love while also taking you just a little bit out of your culinary comfort zone. Don’t worry, there will be plenty of protein coming your way! Let’s start with something you know and love and then go from there… Sound good?


Shiraz Wine Pairing #1:  Grilled Tuna with Ponzu Sauce

Let’s begin with a light and inviting seafood appetizer with Ponzu (sweetened soy sauce). The pepper and warmth feel of the Shiraz will overpower the tuna without the presence of the sweetened and salty Ponzu sauce. Together, this pairing creates an epic and soothing umami flavor to prepare you for…
Recipe: Grilled Tuna with Ponzu Sauce


Shiraz Wine Pairing #2: Marinated Short Ribs

Marinated Short Ribs! The sweetness and smokiness of the barbecue sauce along with the fat enriched in the short ribs will cut down the smokiness, warmth feel, and peppery Shiraz. The acidity levels for both the dish and the wine will instantly match as well as the next course…
Recipe: Marinated Short Ribs


Shiraz Wine Pairing #3: Beef Brisket and Mashed Potatoes with Brisket Gravy

Beef Brisket!  This is my favorite barbecued dish! Such perfection too my eyes (I digress). I love it so much that I am serving the brisket jus and topping mashed potato with it. Normally, tradition mashed potatoes and gravy actually pairs with a soft, fruity, slight sweet Riesling. For this recipe, however, the smoky and fatty brisket jus with mashed potatoes and the brisket is as close to perfection as possible.
Recipe:  Beef Brisket and Gravy


Shiraz Wine Pairing #4:  Grilled Bacon Wrapped Dried Plums

I know you are getting stuffed to your eyeballs but the dessert is something you have to try.  Grilled bacon-wrapped plums combines the fatty, smoky parts of the bacon with the tart sweetness of plum. This, with a glass of Shiraz, is my favorite pairing with this grape varietal.
Recipe:  Grilled Bacon Wrapped Dried Plums

Thank you for trusting me. Enjoy!

Mario Luna
Certified Sommelier
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