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7 Ways Sparkling Wine Will Save Your Valentine’s Day!

There are two types of people in every relationship leading up to Valentine’s Day: One person is super-excited to hear and see what their significant other will have planned for the night so they can tell their friends all about it. The other person has so many things going on in their life (school, work, raising kids, etc.) that, if it wasn’t for the deluge of Valentine’s Day advertisement everywhere, they would forget the day altogether. If you fall into the latter category, I have a plan that will not only save your relationship, it can even make your special night a thing of envy.

Behold: 7 ways a bottle of bubbles can save your Valentine’s Day!

Don’t worry, this isn’t another list of must-buy wines that you can’t find or can’t afford. Why not? Because I’m a big believer in flashing love and effort rather than cash and annoying statistics about Champagne vintages. Trust me, the love and effort thing is a lot more effective…

Let’s pop the cork and let’s get started!   

Valentine's Day

Courtesy of Alexa Sky of

Sparkling Wine is a Better Value to Buy than Red or White Wine

Let me let you in on a universal hospitality industry secret: Every restaurant struggles to sell sparkling wine. These establishments tend to cater to red and white wine drinkers so much that the bubbly seems to get forgotten. Sommeliers therefore look at Valentine’s Day like a golden opportunity to sell off some perfectly delicious backstock. Ask about featured bubbly and you may find that your sommelier is more than excited to assist you in the ordering process.


Opening a Bottle of Wine Will Set the Tone

Every time I open a bottle of sparkling wine, the couple in front of me automatically smiles with excitement and anticipation. I can’t explain it other than you just can’t help but get giddy once you hear the cork pop!


Other Couples Will Be Jealous

What do you and your significant other do in between conversations while waiting on that next course or your check? If you’re like most people, you tend to look around and see what other couples are doing, drinking, or eating. While your sommelier is opening your preferred bottle of bubbly, take a glance at other tables around you and see their reaction. If you’re a social media fan, this a perfectly Instagrammable moment – and yes, that’s really a thing.


Sparkling Wine Will Pair with Every Course

When you look at the menu or a tasting, you’ll see all the delicious dishes the chef created just for that night and all of the wine pairings just underneath it. Typically, you’ll be faced with a bunch of wine selections that are likely completely foreign to you. Take a less risky path and opt for a bottle of bubbly instead. Sparkling wine’s high acidity (the brightness and salivation you feel in your mouth) and effervescence will reset your palette between bites and the salt in your dishes will mesh the wine to create a rich mouthfeel that elevates the whole dining experience.


With Sparkling Wine, You Still Have Options

While almost any sparkling wine will work out just fine, if you want a little more choice in the matter you can opt for a bottle of:

  • Moscato: This is soft, sweet sparkling wine from Piedmont, Italy, offers orange peel and grape on the nose with a very light and short-lived finish.
  • Prosecco: From the Veneto, Italy, this is the perfect balance of earth, peach, and slightly sweet flavors with a bright, yet inviting finish.
  • Cava: From Penedes, Spain, this wine is made very similar to Champagne. The wine begins with citrus notes and mineral aromas and ends bright but slightly dry.
  • Champagne: The king of all sparkling wines is from Champagne, France, and it boasts apples, pear, lemon, and brioche on the nose with a tremendous creamy mouthfeel and dry finish.


Sparkling Wine Will Clean Up that Stain

Remember when I talked about how the high acidity and bubblies in sparkling wine pair with everything?! Those same two qualities can also clean up the mystery stain on your clothing. Just dab on some wine using your napkin and in a couple of minutes the stain will be treated and your date will be at least a little less embarrassed.

Note: do NOT try this with red wine. Just saying.


Keep Valentine’s Day Festivities Going

Who says Valentine’s Day has to end at midnight? If you’re dining at home and you and your loved one have the next morning off from life’s responsibilities, start February 15 in style by mixing a little of your leftover sparkling wine with orange juice for a post-celebration celebration.

Extra Credit!

My wife, Alana, saved the cork from our special day and had it turned into a pair of cufflinks. That’s why I married her. (One of the many reasons of course)


What are you favorite Valentine’s Day ideas? Leave a comment on the page or email me at I can’t wait to read all your suggestions.

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