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  • Hi Im Mia Im taking my third nap and chilling
    9 months ago by mariolunasomm Hi, I’m Mia. I’m taking my third nap and chilling with my mommy and daddy. I don’t want my dad to go to the Wine Spectator event tonight on the Strip.
  • Whoooaaaaa! This babys vintage is correct from 1986 This is
    9 months ago by mariolunasomm Whoooaaaaa! This baby’s vintage is correct from 1986. This is Marqués de Murrieta Castilla Ygay Viura. 252 months aged in American oak, another 67 months aged in ceramic tanks, and then rested for another 3 years minimum to achieve the flavor profile that they want. There’s a ton of dill, Meyer lemon, and grilled pear on the nose and finishes very bright (even after 30 years), full-bodied, and a finish that lasts over two minutes long. So how did I sell it? My guest told me they had an specific amount that wanted to spend and they wanted to go
  • 273000 Thats how much wine sales that we have brought
    9 months ago by mariolunasomm $273,000: That’s how much wine sales that we have brought in just from  @bodegasontanon  since the end of 2015. For my wine program, this is THE most important wine portfolio at Jaleo Las Vegas. We are lucky to represent their craft with wines like the Clarete Rosado, Vetiver Viura, the 2005 Reserva and Gran Reserva, Mitologica, and the fun sweet, dessert Marco Fabio. Cheers!
  • Thank you oleimports for the invite to meet Winemaker Jose
    9 months ago by mariolunasomm Thank you  @oleimports  for the invite to meet Winemaker Jose Luis Ortiz and his Quinta de Murradella line. I have the Gorvia Blanco (third wine on the left). This 100% Dona Blanca single vineyard white wine from Monterrei, Spain has been very successful in e by Jose Andres for us. Cheers!
  • My two loves! Happy Mothers Day Alana With Mia this
    8 months ago by mariolunasomm My two loves! Happy Mother’s Day Alana. With Mia, this is the first of many! She’s lucky to have you as her momma. I love you

For more information on corporate wine tastings or other events or to check Mario’s availability for upcoming services, please fill out the form at the bottom of the page!


Corporate Wine Tastings

Wine Tasting for Team Building

Blind tastings are a major component of a Master Sommelier’s exam prep. Being able to taste through an unknown wine and identify its unique characteristics not only hones your senses, it also helps identify important attributes such as the varietals that make up the wine, the region the wine is from, the year the wine was made, and even who made the wine, among other things. In a corporate setting, blind wine tastings are a way to help your team grow stronger by:

  • Building your teams communication skills
  • Encouraging group thinking and collaborative problem solving
  • Creating bonds between new and existing employees, such as in a post-merger situation
  • Identifying natural leaders and skilled critical thinkers
  • Teaching more timid participants to develop their abilities and have confidence in their deductive reasoning

These team-building wine tastings are an ideal why to step away from your company’s typical day-to-day routine and both assess and develop your staff’s talents in a way that is both effective and fun.

Wine Tasting for Client Appreciation

As an off-shoot of our catering service, we offer wine tastings – with or without paired food items – for corporate events such as mixers, client or staff appreciation nights, holiday parties, and so on. These tastings can be completely leisurely and casual in nature, high-end and featuring luxury wines and gourmet menu items, and/or built on a theme that ties into your brand, your client, or a particular product launch.

Catering Services

The Mario Luna Somm catering team includes several trained sommeliers, culinary experts, and dedicated hospitality professionals who specialize in creating menus based on the very best ingredients and most interesting wines available. Having a sommelier as part of a catering team elevates both the menu itself as well as the day-of experience. Part entertainment, part education, 100 percent snobbery-free fun, Mario Luna Somm-catered parties are known for their surprising and unique approach to finger food and fine dining alike.

In addition to catering events such as anniversary, birthday, and engagement parties, we’re also honored to assist with:

  • Open Houses
  • Product Launches
  • Backyard Barbecues/Pool Parties
  • Networking Events
  • Singles Mixers (Swipe right for wine! :D)
  • Clam Bakes & Crawfish Boils
  • Super Bowl Party
  • Interactive Events – Taco Bars, Build-Your-Own-Pizza, Etc.!

All of our catering packages include elements of wine education. Your guests will never feel like they’re in a class or required to take notes by any means, but they might just leave your get-together loving tacos and Merlot way more than tacos and tequila – hey, it could happen!

Consultation and Wine Recommendations

Mario Luna Somm catering focuses on small to medium sized events but Mario often helps larger catering operations and other businesses as a consultant. From creating wine pairings to complement a five-course sit-down dinner for a charity gala to securing and supplying wines for large-scale events, Mario has the expertise and winery connections necessary to make a promising event into a truly stellar affair.

Hire Mario to:

  • Dream up custom wine pairings for your wedding or rehearsal dinner
  • Connect you with wineries who would be happy to showcase their product at your event
  • Training catering or event staff in proper pouring technique and other wine service and storage skills
  • Coach you or your wine study group on theory or service standards necessary to pass wine exams



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